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Our goal is simple, Provide a personal approach to a professional service. Below 32 Design was formed with the intent to make professional design and programming accessible to small businesses and organizations looking to convey their unique service, product or message to the masses. If you want to take the visual communication of your business from "adequate", to a design that’s a professional representation of what you have to offer, you’ve found the right place!




Katy Helgeson

Owner, Developer & Designer

Hey everybody! My name is Katy and designing and programming are my business. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and traveling. Technology is wonderful stuff but I think it’s important to remember that we live in an amazing place and there’s no comparison to it in the digital world. Playing hockey throughout high school and into college taught me the benefits of hard work and determination. That’s the attitude I get out of bed with every day. I am committed to whatever challenge I partake in and I can be a bit obsessive about doing things right.

Want to know more about my education and work experience? The samples in the portfolio section will hopefully give you a good idea of what I am capable of. If you want to see some credentials, check them out here. If you would rather skip the reading and talk to me personally, please give me a call and I would be happy to meet-up for a coffee.



Office Supervisor


Luna, Padmae & Reginald

Customer Support Team